sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

Antiques Fair in Torre Pacheco, Murcia, from 29 September to 1 October, 2017

More than 100 antiquarian companies will occupy an area of over ​​15,000sq.m. at the Palace of Exhibitions and Fairs in Torre Pacheco, Murcia, Spain. The exhibitors come from practically all over Spain and beyond.

A must visit for those interested in unique and unusual pieces, affordable collectibles, art and antiques. Here, anyone can find the most original objects and the most surprising and authentic "vintage" fashion.

Unique pieces from bygone eras, full of history, memories and contrasts. Additionally, you can find Art Decó furniture and antique furniture, along with other objects created in the 60s and 70s, as well as home furnishings, jewellry from various eras, handbags, lamps, Elizabethan jewellry or watches, a true mosaic of objects from the past, full of history and charm.

This diversity attracts decorators, collectors, professionals, hobbyists and antique lovers looking for a particular piece, or some pleasant surprise. Prices, contrary to belief, are not prohibitive, since the large fair venue and the variety of exhibits and goods mean that prices are necessarily competitive.

This antiques fair is a unique opportunity to find all sorts of curiosities for those who appreciate art, historical objects and items, unique pieces, many different areas of collecting and, of course, antiques.

The prices will range from 3€, e.g. for a small picture for the hallway, or an item of several thousand euros, depending on each piece, whether they be carvings, paintings or others with centuries of history. All, however, must meet the requirement of 40 years to be considered as eligible to be at the fair. When the item is 100 years old it is considered an antiquity.

The event offers the buyer the possibility of transporting any items purchased, there is also a cafeteria and catering services and plus parking facilities. IFEPA is introducion at this fair the novelty of a special reduction for the entry price for people who are unemployed or carry the entry bonus, included in this blog. Click on the image and print.

It is an event aimed not only at industry professionals, decorators, collectors and lovers of antiques, but at any person of "good taste", sensitive to decor and art, and fashionable pieces of vintage, retro and deco. Unique pieces from other times, full of history, memories and contrasts, a piece of the past, with prices adapted for all pockets.