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Clocks, Watches and Other Collectable Items

We have pocket watches, clocks, wristwatches, pendulum watches. Watch lovers don´t miss this!. We have retro and antique light fittings and fuse boxes and vintage lighters. Also catholic rosaries, necklaces, brooches and other pins. 1942 Spanish medal and 1914 wood photo frame. Come and browse our collectable items.

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 Swiss Made Women's Gold Plated GIRARD-PERREGAUX Wristwatch


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The Pegsdon Mirror

Today we are so used to seeing images of ourselves in mirrors and photographs it is difficult to imagine a world without reflections. But just try.


Imagine a world in which you don’t really know what you look like, where the only way to see your own reflection is in a pool of still water. Using a mirror like the one found in Pegsdon, Bedfordshire, and featured in the ITV series Britain's Secret Treasures, meant that for the first time Iron Age people, about 2,500 years ago, were no longer reliant on others to tell them how they looked.

Today the mirror is part of our everyday routine but cheap, mass-produced mirrors are a product of the past few centuries. Before that mirrors were rare and expensive social objects allowing people to monitor physical appearance and apply cosmetics. Their reflective surfaces were also perceived in different ways, taking on religious, medical and artistic functions. For example, a mirror allows you to see behind as well as in front, extending the realms of ‘normal’ human physical experience.

In the Greco-Roman world looking backwards was linked to looking into the future or the past and the reflection from a mirror was used in divination – attempts to predict events, or peoples fate. Mirrors were lowered into water and the reflections ‘read’. Alternatively mirrors were used to evoke light or the vehicle of the soul.

It is impossible to determine the true significance of the Pegsdon mirror. The fact that it is so beautifully made and decorated and that it was carefully placed in someone’s grave indicates it was a valued and treasured object. The association between mirrors and cosmetic sets in other Iron Age graves links them to the main function of mirrors today, as a means to monitor appearance.

However, there is no reason why mirrors did not also have other kinds of significance in Iron Age society. For example, even today we still see breaking a mirror as 7 years of bad luck.

by Jody Joy, curator, British Museum,
taken from British Museum blog: http://blog.britishmuseum.org/

domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Gold and Metal Antique ROLEX Case

I have an antique ROLEX case. 

Wristwatch casing only.

In gold and metal.

 Possibly circa 1920s. Original

 With the crown insignia on back of 
one of the gold handles.

Measurements: 3,6cm high approx. 
x 2cm wide approx. 

£360 + P&P.  UK and European electronic bank transfers accepted.  Paypal accepted. Guaranteed and Certified Postage, packaging and handling in UK 7.00 GBP & European Community (EU) 7.00 GBP, rest of the world 9 GBP. If unsure please ask. Thank you.

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Date: Sunday, November 3 2013 
Time: 10.00h to 15.00h
Location: The traditional Riu Rau, Jesus Pobre centre (near La Xara and Denia), Alicante
Event Type: Antique market & rastro. Valuation service for your antiques & heirlooms. 
Organized by: Charity - HELP of Denia & Marina Alta in association with The Art Centre Association Javea and Lorely Griffiths.
Information: Lorely Griffiths - 96 647 2049 and Gail - 96 575 7659

HELP of Denia and Marina Alta are organizing an Antiques Roadshow on Sunday 3 November 2013 from 10am to 3pm. Bring your 'family heirlooms', furniture, jewellry and antique items and experts will be on hand to date and value them. There will be a small fee charged for this service of €3 per item or set. All proceeds go to HELP. 

Also at the Riu Rau, Jesus Pobre will be a number of other stalls selling antiques, collector's and bric-a-brac items. 

In association with The Art Centre Association, Javea, this is the 3rd antiques roadshow for the charity 'HELP'. It is a wonderful day out....... be prepared to queue, just like on the telly! It will be well signposted on the day. There will also be food, drinks and a cake stall. Raffles with great prizes. Plenty of parking. 
The charity HELP is a volunteer group providing support in emergencies with illness, accidents, etc. when medical services are involved. HELP provides hospital visiting teams and a free interpreting service at Denia Hospital, plus a range of other useful and essential services . 

For more information contact Lorely Griffiths: 96 647 2049, Gail: 96 575 7659 and/or send an email: artcentrejavea@yahoo.com or gailhorler@gmail.com