miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Special Gift For Michael Jackson Fans!

A Michael Jackson collector's booklet containing 
Michael Jackson pictures and pull-out stickers. 

Created in 1988/9. Inside the book are a number
of different photos and stickers based on the film: 

On back cover of booklet is printed: 'YOU WILL BE MOONWALKING IN 1989'
Inside there are stickers called: 'Michael's School Labels' and others simply 
depicting images of Michael Jackson. 
Unique edition/issue from MJ Moonwalker movie 1988-89. 

The booklet has 16 pages in total, including the covers. 

Although more than 24 years old, the booklet is 
in perfect condition and all the stickers are intact. 

This would make a great gift for Michael Jackson fans. 
Worthy of any MJ collection. 

The image included below is the booklet opened out flat. 
Measurements when booklet closed: 15,5cm high x 10,5cm wide. 

Price: 3.00 GBP. 
Plus guaranteed postage, packaging & handling to UK and Spain 4.50 GBP, 
rest of European Community (EU) 5.50 GBP, 
rest of the world (ROW) 6.00 GBP. 
Please email if unsure! See Donde?.....Where? in the Main Menu.

UK and European electronic bank transfers accepted. 
Paypal accepted. Cash on delivery in Spain only.

If several MJ booklets are required,
there is the possibility of a discount, however,
the postage and packing costs will increase. 
Please check for final postage costs.