sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

Sit Down Next to Me....

Looking for chairs? Need to replace sofas, suites or armchairs? Or do you just want to find good quality and reasonably priced garden or terrace furniture? Then look no further. We have a wide range of chairs, sofas, suites, rockers, benches, recliners, stools plus the odd office swivel chair.

Come in, sit down, try them out and see if one of our chairs is exactly what you feel comfortable in. 


Take a look at a number of high quality reproduction chairs, sitting room suites, recliners and armchairs. We have straight back wooden and dining chairs, art deco chairs, wing chairs, leather-bound 1970s chrome chairs, rustic chairs and woven chairs. There are benches, stools and wrought iron garden chairs. You name it - we probably have it. 

Come in, browse and wander through our 1500 sq. m of antiques and second hand items in El Verger. There are literally thousands of items in one venue.

We are at Avenida Valencia No. 67, (next to the Vergel Hipica Shop - west side), North Industrial Estate of El Vergel, La Marina Alta, Alicante. The sign above the shop reads: SUPER TIENDA.

Look out for the bright red telephone box and international flags.

Telephones: (+34) 667 857 769 / (+34) 638 16 16 38 (Spanish speaking) or (+34) 679 18 26 22 (English speaking).