sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Tired of the Beach, No Sun in the North of Alicante!

No sun today in the North of Alicante! Take a break from the heat and the sand and come and visit the well-known Rastro of Jalón. Antiques Martinez has a pitch at Jalón Rastro every Saturday close to the tourist offices.


Jalón (Xaló) Flea Market is held every  Saturday – from 8am–2pm. Accessible street market with plenty of stallholders on the – CV750 road – Paisaje de l’Assut on the right running alongside the river as you leave the village heading towards Alcalali. Plenty of parking.

There are a large number of stalls with collector’s items, clocks & watches, rustic goods, antiques, tools, treasures & trinkets, second-hand items, jewellry and costume jewellry, books and much more besides.

You cant miss it! Click on Jalón, Alicante, Spain below for Google map. 

Jalón, Alicante, Spain.

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